Listen to the tale of Triplets from Emma Hollender
The author of ‘School 3D’ will be in attendance at the Barbican Library in March to read from her book. Emma will take us into the lives of Alice, Ella and Hazel. The triplets are off to a new adventure. Each of them will be attending a different school. An oddity for the three sisters who have always been together but now they must go and try to be the best pupil in their respective schools. Sibling rivalry and friendship is portrayed in the best way as the sisters go off to achieve the highest grades, sports success, and popularity in the schools they will be attending. Emma Hollender is passionate about teaching and she left a job at a big firm to come teach children. It is her experiences as a teacher that inspired her to write this book.
24, Mar 2018
Bewdly Library, Dog Lane, Bewdley DY12 2EF