Listen to Teresa Petersen speak as she takes a deep look at Daphne Du Maurier
Teresa Petersen will be at the State Library in Sydney to talk about her book ‘Daphne Du Maurier: Looking Inward’. She will discuss her analysis and explain the themes that are present in the late author’s books. Teresa spent years researching the English playwright and author Dame Daphne. All her research helped her craft this book that explores the themes in all the writing of Daphne. The prominent theme present is incest, which is found too often in her writing to be a coincident. The study that the writer conducted on Daphne revealed that the intense relationship she had with her Father played a role in this regard and it came out in the short stories and plays that she wrote.  
02, Feb 2018 - 01, Jan 1970
Hampton RSL, a Melbourne suburb