Local School Hosting a Book Reading Event for ‘The Bluebell Wood’ by Kelly Wright
St. Thomas More Catholic School has invited Kelly Wright to read her book at the school assembly for the students. She will be reading from her book and introducing the book to students. Kelly hopes this will be great exposure for children to books and encourage book reading in children. ‘The Bluebell Wood’ is a picture book for young readers which is both engaging and informative. It talks about a little girl who visits her little friends in the bluebell woods. Her friends are small animals from woods like the badger. Kelly Wright lives in Berkhamsted. The inspiration to write this book came from her own childhood memories of a very similar bluebell wood she used to frequently visit. Almost 34 years ago, at age 7 she remembers writing a similar book. She now works with pre-school age children at a local school.
06, Mar 2019
Duane D. Keller Middle School, 301 North Fogg Street, Las Vegas, Nevada 89110.