Lydia Taiwo Will Be Attending the World Mental Health Day Event at Kensington Central Library
Kensington Central Library, London is proud to host the event on World Health Mental Day on Thursday 10th October 2019 where the author Lydia Taiwo will be talking to the audience. She will also be signing a few copies of her book A Broken Childhood. The powerful biography A Broken Childhood has some strong messages for all those who have been through any kind of abuse; especially child abuse. Lydia plucked up the courage to pen down her story to be read by the world. She has seen the devilish side of her parents as they used to beat her, mentally torture her and curse her. Her story might be heart-breaking but her courage to forgive those who broke her is an inspiration. Find out the whole survival story of Lydia in her novel. The author Lydia Taiwo is a strong and valiant lady who survived the most brutal form of child abuse yet decided to move on and forgive her parents. She is now the mother of six and happily married to David. She has written many books on raising awareness about child abuse and how the scars always chase you for the rest of your life.
10, Oct 2019 - 01, Jan 1970
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