Lymington Library to Host Book Reading Ceremony in Honor of John Bell’s ‘Epitaph on a Beech Tree – A Tale of the Great War’
Author of the book, “Epitaph on a Beech Tree- A Tale of the Great War’, John Bell will be going to a book reading ceremony which is going to be held at ‘Lymington Library’. The library plans to organize WW1 commemoration events throughout October and November. This book is about the history of World War 1 and the protagonist ‘Ben Robinson’ who was a miner before the War but became a dispatch rider during the great war. He disliked the ideas of ‘King, Country and Religion’ yet he managed to honor his service for three long years and earned a Military Medal for his work. Once his sense of purpose was destroyed, he looked for different ways to find his spirituality and his true sense of life. The author, John Bell was born in the town of Nottingham who left school with very little accreditation. He has a well-known career in music and humanitarian services.
07, Nov 2018 - 01, Jan 1970
Shirley Library, Croydon (Wickham Road/Hartland Way, Shirley, Croydon CR0 8BH)