Lynda Ann Green to take part in Stamford Poetry Festival
Author of ‘Mr. Nolly and The Magic Ladder’ will be at the Stamford Library and Walker’s Bookshop in April for the Stamford Poetry Festival. Lynda Ann Green introduces kids to Mr. Nolly. One day he comes upon a ladder. It seems an ordinary ladder until it starts talking. The magic talking ladder belonged to a witch before it was accidentally discarded. Witch used the ladder to catch moonbeams for her spells and she wants it back. But the ladder can’t go into her hands again. It is up to the ladder’s new friends to keep it away and make sure that it is not used in any of Witch Willowberry’s spells. This is Lynda’s first children’s book. She has written 37 poems and 2 short stories previously, which have been published on different mediums.
12, Apr 2018 - 01, Jan 1970
State Library in Sydney