Mad Sky Book Launch at St Melbourne on 21st November, 2018
Get ready for an amazing opportunity to be a part of an amazing book launch. Sofitel Hotel in Collins will be hosting the book launch of ‘Mad Sky’ authored by Dan Ryan. This book depicts the spiritual relationship of power and beauty which is embedded in the natural world. We look at all the signs, messages, myths and symbols put in the poetic illustrations put forward as universal signs and truths. Taking a deeper look at the imperfect and vague poetry, which also gives out light and certain truths we search for, but we can’t understand or reach due to our own limitations. An imbalance of wanting to know and keeping sane at the same time. Dan Ryan was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. His life has been greatly impacted by the works that he has studied. His passions extend outward to forests, farms and even horseback. According to him, we can reach to the spiritual world by spending time with nature and understanding the myths, symbolism, and lessons from the ancestors.
21, Nov 2018
Crawley Library