Marc O'Brien, the Author of ‘The Final Fence’ will be Featured in a Podcast
‘The Final Fence: Sophomores in The Saddle’ by Marc O'Brien will be the topic of discussion in the podcast. Nearly thirty minutes worth of information will be distributed about the book. ‘The Final Fence: Sophomores in The Saddle’ is an interesting story of five college students who share a passion for horses. The message in the book is trying to convey that the journey of race and learnings are of more value than the winning itself or the winner’s prize. The plot will make you ponder about the strengths of labels awarded by the society and subjectivity or objectivity of disability. Marc O’Brien graduated from Barry University with a degree in Communication Arts in 1988 and resolved to apply his learnings in a non-conventional way. He has previously published Peter The Peteeatrick Panda’s Playground, Peter The Peteeatrick Panda and the Pandy Chip Pancakes and A Special Person to Ride. For more details about this event click here
19, Mar 2019