Margaret Moore is at Long Melford Library
Margaret Moore is at Long Melford Library, signing copies of her excellent book 'A Street of Secrets'. Set in the East End of London, Angel Street is home to a variety of characters, who live close together, sharing each other's joys, tears and lives.Ethel's collision with Stan's bicycle raises eyebrows. Why do Stan's solicitors insist on involving the rent collector, in his affairs? Then there is Rose, who appears to be teaching the vicar some of her old ways. When Churchy and Liz decide to investigate, they find more than they bargained for. The next vicar comes as another shock. Meanwhile young Tony is unwittingly apprenticed to burglars, causing problems for one or two other local residents. The new neighbour is a real eye-opener, and what about the mystery lady who stands watching on the corner?With so much change in post-war England, the closeness and support among the street's residents is invaluable. For Ethel, Liz and ever-curious Churchy, life in Angel Street is never dull.
05, Jul 2017
The Trinity Centre, Church Hill, Mill Street, Sutton Coldfield, B72 1TF