Margaret Scott, the Author of Jimmy Gets a Pet Passport Invited for a School Visit
Drakies Primary School has invited children’s book author Margaret Scott for a full day visit. She will be interacting with students and read from her book Jimmy Gets a Pet Passport for them. She hopes that she could inspire compassion for pet animals in young students through her book. Jimmy Gets a Pet Passport is a beautifully illustrated children’s book about a loving and adventurous Dalmatian named Jimmy. When it was time for her to visit her Scottish family, the three-year-old Jimmy was required to visit a vet for getting her passport but she was scared of it. Would she be able to overcome her fears? Margret Scott was born and raised in North East of Scotland. She graduated from University with a degree in Sports Development and Health Promotion. Later, she moved to Northern Georgia and worked as a Camp Counsellor, Unit Leader and Sports Director. In 2015, she moved back to Scotland.
01, Apr 2019
Barnes & Noble, Gateaway Crossing, West Bountiful, UT (USA):