Maryam Golchoobian to Attend a Book Signing Event at Barnes & Noble Huntington Beach
Great news for all the book lovers. On Saturday 14th September 2019, the accomplished author and a strong lady Maryam Golchoobian will be delivering a talk about her book Jane Does Not Fit the Mould! at Barnes & Noble Huntington Beach. She will be concluding the event by signing the copies of her book. It is a great opportunity for readers to get a signed copy of her book. Carrying a powerful message of acceptance and love, the book Jane Does Not Fit the Mould! is a warm and moving read. Everyone must read this book. Revolving around the life of Jane who is suffering from Asperger’s is not cordially welcomed in her circle. She is known as a weirdo at school and at home. She receives severe bullying from people and decides to go with Extraterrestrials (ETs). What would Jane do? Find it out in this brilliant and inspirational book. The author Maryam Golchoobian has been dealing with many challenges of Asperger’s from a very young age. She takes an active part in the Child-Rights movement and works as a volunteer. She holds a Master’s degree in Humanities. 
14, Sep 2019
The Book Shop 22 High St, East Grinstead RH19 3AW