McGregor Public Library Invites Christine Paris for a Book Signing and Reading Event
McGregor Public Library, Lawrence Ave E, Scarborough, Canada cordially invites the author of Gaia’s Journey to a book signing and reading event on 1st June 2019. Book lovers have a wonderful chance of attending the event as the author will be reading the excerpts from her book. She will also be signing the copies of the book for the readers.  She is a nature loving person and will be sharing how one can find calmness and positivity from it. The book Gaia’s Journey is about a girl who is comprehending life before time and age and yet mastering it. Her life is already offering her so many wondrous adventures that she feels like living in another world. Her mother is the only person who listens and enjoys her stories. Find out what adventures Gaia has taken in life in a beautifully written and artistically illustrative story. Christine Paris is a Reiki master, Samyana healer and an artist. She has done B.A, B.ED, and M.A, and served as an elementary school teacher for 20 years. She believes that one can find peace and serenity in nature.
01, Jun 2019
Partnership Elementary School - Raleigh - North Carolina – USA