Meet the author of ‘The Measurement of Souls’ at Leicester Central Library
The Leicester Central Library has organized a meeting for the author, Nikita Murva. She will be there for the promotion of her book, ‘The Measurement of Souls’. The event will take place during a Local Writers Fair in Leicester Central Library. The book is about personal growth and self-development. Life is a tough journey and it is not easy to survive the misfortunes but what we can do is to keep our heads up and bring love, compassion and positive energy inside us. It is a book, for the ordinary folks, articulated through the mind of a young girl according to her everyday life. It brings joy, light, and strains to eradicate loneliness that eats a person from inside. The author, Nikita Murva works as a creative writing student at Brunel University London. She is also associated with web-magazine journalism. She has been writing since long for the purpose of peace and has finally decided to publish her first book.
06, Oct 2018 - 01, Jan 1970
Skipton Library