Meet the author of Behaviour, Christopher Ayton at Tolpuddle Festival
Tolpuddle Festival feels proud to host the book signing event of the author Chris Ayton for his book Behaviour on 21st July 2019.  The author will be sharing his life expeditions as a writer and what inspired him to get indulged in writing. He will be reading some of the excerpts from his book to the audience. Book lovers have a great chance of getting the signed copy of the book by their favourite author. Behaviour is a book written luminously. It is teeming with wittiness and common sense throughout. It’s a useful guide for teachers to subsist the flood of questions coming from the students. Dealing with diverse class at the same time is a niggling job and if you want to manage your classroom the way you want, this book is all you need. Christopher Ayton has served as a teacher for over 30 years. He devised the behavioral management techniques for his class. Those techniques worked for him and he shared them with his colleagues. The appreciation received from his peers inspired him to compile all those tips and techniques and shape them into a book so that all teachers can get advantage from it.

21, Jul 2019
Monroe's/Mc Brides in Galway