Meet the Author of A Natural Pause, Peter Skeels, and Get Your Signed Copy
Author of a well-written novel A Natural Pause, Peter Skeels, will be signing the copies of his book at Barnes & Noble, Roseville, CA. The author will also be sharing a brief synopsis of his book for the admirers of his work. The event will take place on 15th of January 2020 at 1:00 Pm. The event is expected to have a large number of attendants as Barnes & Noble is a popular place among the book lovers.  A Natural Pause is a beautifully written novel with an accurate description of characters that helps you grab the plot very quickly and keeps you hooked to the book till the very end. The story is about an extremely unhappy man, Michael, facing a mid-life crisis. In order to straighten things out, he must relive some of his past and take a new approach towards life but he has a wife, children, a job and lots of other responsibilities.  Will he able to face his fears and correct the situation? Read the novel to find it out.   The author Peter Skeels is a naturally happy man who loves to travel. He has travelled extensively throughout America and Europe. He has worked as a draft dodger, stonemason, single parent, teacher, businessman, life coach and story teller. He is a self-made man who guided himself with his belief in God and to always do the right thing. A Natural Pause is his first novel.
15, Jan 2020
Barnes and Noble at the Preston Royal Shopping Center