Meet Pamela D. Holloway of ‘Claire’s Story’ at Rye Method Church
The Rye Method Church at East Sussex will host the ‘Meet the author’ event for Pamela D. Holloway, author of ‘Claire’s Story’. The author will be there for the promotion of her book. This book is based on the life troubles of a lady named ‘Claire’. She has been brought up in an unusual environment. She decides to leave her home at Edinburgh and travel to visit her old school friend at the Vancouver Island. She convinces her son about the death of his father and sets out to find a living and in search of a new husband. She is lucky enough to find both of them but not lucky enough when she finds herself in the midst of deep trouble. The author, Pamela D. Holloway has been a writer since the very beginning. She started writing essays that converted into short stories. Now free, she has turned to novels and finally published her first book.
15, Sep 2018 - 01, Jan 1970
Victoria Bookshop