Methodist Church Sheffield Invites the Author Lydia Taiwo for Author Talk & Book Signing Event
On Saturday 12th October 2019 an event about ‘Break The Cycle of Abuse’ will be held at Methodist Church Sheffield. The author Lydia Taiwo is cordially invited by the Church to give a talk about her book A Broken Childhood. She will also be signing the copies of her book. All the book lovers have a great chance to get the signed copy of the book. A Broken Childhood is all about plucking the courage to speak up against child abuse and forgive those to have torn you apart. Lydia, who wrote her story aims to reach out to the people who are in dismay. Living a life full of pain, torture and abuse take away everything from you. But every cloud has a silver lining, have hope that everything will feel perfectly alright one day. Get a copy of the novel to learn more about the painful yet inspiring story of Lydia. The author Lydia Taiwo has been the victim of child abuse. She calls herself a victor rather than a victim. She has forgiven her parents for all the pain they have made her endure. She has many books that raise awareness about child abuse and its impact on life on her account. She is now living a happy and satisfied life with her family.
12, Oct 2019 - 01, Jan 1970
Barnes & Noble, Medford, Oregon