Michoel Levy Will Be at WHSmith to Sign the Copies of His Book ‘Thunder Rose’
WH Smith is hosting a book signing ceremony by Michoel Levy, for his astounding book ‘Thunder Rose’. The gifted storyteller will be interacting with story lovers and signing the copies of his books for them. Be prepared to meet the author of spell bounding tales. ‘Thunder Rose’ is the story of young Elzbet who is pronounced Queen by her dying father when the rest of family is poisoned by an enemy using a bunch of traitors as a tool. New Queen must find and kill those responsible for the death of her father and two brothers. While her elder brother lives, Queen Elzbet rules and tries her best to get vengeance from the unknown enemy all the time trying to decide what’s best for her kingdom. In 1992, Michoel Levy left his career as a barrister to find where life would take him. It took him across Scottish islands, Europe, and 20 countries, seeking out and reviving the ancient arts of the travelling storyteller. For five years, he lived on the road, telling his stories on bridges, in parks and in town squares. He succeeded in enchanting his audience but restricted them with only one forbiddance, no recordings.
20, Jan 2019 - 01, Jan 1970
The Patchwork Mouse, New Street, Painswick, GL6 6XH