Nigel Gann’s Book Launch to Happen at St Mary’s in Lichfield
Nigel Gann’s book launch event is set to take place on 3rd September at The Hub at St Mary’s, Lichfield. The timings for this event are 6 pm-8 pm. This launch is for Nigel’s book called ‘The Great Education Robbery.’ If you are around, do not miss out on this event since it’s an opportunity to meet the honourable winner of the National Teaching Award in 2007. Yes, Nigel Gann has won this award for his applaudable work in the education sector of England.   The Great Education Robbery sums up Nigel’s analysis on the control of the business and political elite over the schools which were established as a community service on community levels. Not just he presents the problem but also prescribes the solution. His book make an important read and is an extraction of Nigel Gann’s nationwide experience in teaching not just students but also training teachers and adults. He is now a consultant and designs programs for BBC TV and Radio as well.
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