The Oakleaf Reading Club to Host the Author Talk Event for Ira David Wood III
The accomplished author Ira David Wood III will be giving a talk about his book The Russian Galatea, his journey as an author and his inspiration for writing. The event will be held on Monday 14th October 2019 at The Oakleaf Reading Club. Be a part of this event as it is a great chance of meeting Ira and getting some tips and advice on writing. The Russian Galatea is a captivating historical novel. Nicholas Romanov, the last of Tsar of Russia, along with his family was brutally murdered by Russian Bolsheviks in the basement of a house in Yekaterinburg. Nicholas Sokolov is an investigation officer appointed by Alexander Kolchak, the Supreme Commander of the White Army, to make sure that all the members of Romanov’s family are executed. As the investigations unfold, Sokolov gets attracted towards a faded picture of a lady. Unaware of her being alive or dead, he develops a deep connection as the time pass by. It is a detective story that revolves around Sokolov’s obsession of finding what actually happened with the Romanov’s family. Grab a copy of the novel to know this and much more about Sokolov’s investigation. Living in North Carolina, the author Ira David Wood III is an award-winning director, actor and playwright. He owns Theatre in Park where he serves as Executive Director.  
14, Oct 2019 - 01, Jan 1970
Bookworm Bookshop & Café - 1 Parnell Street, Thurles, Co. Tipperary, E41 DK18, Republic of Ireland