Omar Sabbagh’s Dye and Other Stories launch event
Born of Lebanese parents in London in 1981, Omar Sabbagh is a widely published poet and critic. His poetry and prose, critical and creative, have been widely appreciated and loved. Two of his extant poetry collections are: My Only Ever Oedipal Complaint and The Square Root of Beirut. He is releasing a collection of short stories alongside Dye and Other Stories in 2017. In Dye and Other Stories, Omar Sabbagh has collated pieces, some of which have appeared in literary journals, blending high-brow humour, evocative environments, and colourful characters. The author's travels are among inspirations for his work: "The psychological realism, the allegory and the surreal dream-like narrative explore, tangentially, places like Beirut and Rome." The centrepiece of Sabbagh's title received First Place in the Cinnamon Press Annual Short Story Prize 2016, described by the judging panel as 'being charming, beguiling, vivid and very funny.' Join Omar as he takes you on the journey of Dye and Other Stories.
11, Oct 2017 - 01, Jan 1970
Sittingbourne Library Central Ave, Sittingbourne ME10 4AH