Patricia Hutson, being interviewed by BBC Radio
Author of ‘Purple Michaelmas’, Patricia Hutson, will be giving an interview on BBC Radio Essex. In the Interview, she will also be discussing about the inspiration behind her brilliant new novel. The author is a medium and has many different interests like history, literature, and archaeology. The story of the book is something that people can relate to but there is a twist that brings intrigue to the tale. The main character of the book Vicki, meets her soulmate whom she can’t be with because they are married to other people. She is a medium and has been told that something will happen when the purple Michaelmas flowers. She learns that her future holds great happiness but there will also be great heartache. There will be a price for every moment of happiness she enjoys. Tune in to BBC Radio Essex on Monday February 5th to learn how the book came about.
05, Feb 2018
Tamworth Castle & Museum B79 7NA