Patrick J Gorman and Diana Gorman will be Attending a Book Signing Event
Blue Stockings Bookstore will be hosting a book signing event for historical fiction book ‘Ghost of the Nightingale’. Patrick J Gorman and Diana Gorman will be signing the copies of their book for the attendants of the event. After a great response from the previous book signing at Atria Living Centre, this event is also looking promising.                        ‘Ghost of the Nightingale’ is the story of unfinished business and a life cut short too early. This book tells the heartbreaking tale of a young man who finds himself imprisoned in a death camp devised for mass murder. Authors have very deftly carved a message of hope from rather depressive historical facts. The book shares a lesson from history and a message of hope as the world continuously witnesses the war of evil and good. Patrick J Gorman and Diana Gorman strongly believe that human rights are sacred. Authors have skilfully brought to life the horrific historical facts of holocaust and major violations of human rights during the war. Patrick is a New York Certified Public Accountant and a licensed stockbroker. Diana is a Speech/Language Pathologist.
10, Feb 2019 - 01, Jan 1970
The Sofitel Hotel in Collins st Melbourne