Paul Grainger is going to Glen Street Library for Literary Lunch
Author of the book, ‘Sailing Everest’, Paul Grainger will be going to Literary Lunch event which is going to be held at Glen Street Library, Belsrose, Australia. The author will be there to promote his book. This is an adventurous book which defines that achievements don’t come as easily as one should stand out all the physical and emotional challenges in order to do so. The author tells the tale of two teenage girls who set out on the adventure of sailing non-stop around the world. They are rivals at first who becomes friends over the radio and in a most exciting climax, one of the girls comes out to save the other one from drowning in the storm-ravaged Indian Ocean. This the story of faith and courage in the hardest of times. The saga not only explains their thrilling journey but also the sponsors, support teams, media and politicians who are involved. The author, Paul Grainger is the son of Elena Grainger who lives in Sydney and is a prize-winning author of Australia’s History.
29, Aug 2018 - 01, Jan 1970
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