Pauline Emsley, the Author of The Tear Dragon, Will Be Attending Uk Southern Book Show
UK Southern Book Show will be attended by more than fifty authors to promote their books. Pauline Emsley will be attending the fair to represent The Tear Dragon and will also read excerpts from her darling children’s book for the audience. The Tear Dragon is an exciting children story about young Meredith who did not wish to go to bed and her magical tear of sadness turned in to a dragon who took her on fun adventures. It is a great bedtime story for young children. Pauline Emsly has a very vivid imagination that she combines with reality very often. Acknowledging to her strong imagination her mother used to call her a daydreamer. She is a keen storyteller as she believes this is a vital tool for learning about our environment which in turn leads to fulfilment.
28, Apr 2019 - 01, Jan 1970
Quarry Wood Rd, Marlow SL7 1RF, UK