P.J. Anderson To Talk About His Book at Melbourne College Library
Austin Macauley's incredible author, P.J. Anderson, the writer of a mystery crime book, Zenith, will meet students and teachers at the Melbourne College Library on Tuesday, 22nd July 2021 at lunchtime. The author will speak to aspiring authors and avid readers about his book at the event.  Zenith is a thrilling mystery that revolves around a young boy, Toms Ross, who is an introvert. He somehow ends up joining his elder sister, Danni, on an end-of-school yacht trip. While on the trip, a mystery spacecraft on a nearby island catches their attention.  From that point, the story takes unpredictable and thrilling turns, it becomes a battle for survival. To read the complete novel, grab your copy here. P.J. Anderson is an acknowledged crime journalist in Melbourne. Currently, he works as a teacher support officer in the education system.
22, Jul 2021