Quail Ridge Books Invites IRA David Wood III on the Book Signing Event for His Book The Russian Galatea
The author Ira David Wood III is invited on a book signing event hosted by Quail Ridge Books, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA for his book The Russian Galatea on 28th June 2019. The author will be sharing his expedition as a book writer and working in the theatre fraternity. It’s a great chance for the book lovers to have a signed copy of the book and listen to the life experiences of their favourite author. The story of The Russian Galatea is based on the true incident that took place in Siberia in 1919, when the family of Nicholas Romanov, the last Tsar of Russia was brutally murdered by Russian Bolsheviks while taking refuge in the basement of a house in Yekaterinburg, Siberia. A year later, an investigator Nicholas Sokolov is appointed to look into Nicholas Romanov’s case. While investigating through the mysterious family murder, he sees a faded photograph a young girl and finds a deep connection with it. Is that girl alive? Would he be able to find out why Romanov along with his family was murdered mercilessly? Find out all the answers in this amazing historical read. The author Ira David Wood III is the father of three children and lives in North Carolina. He is an award-winning actor, director, and playwright. He is the forefather and current Executive Director of Theatre.
28, Jun 2019
252 Hotel, Los Alcazares, Spain