Rayleigh Library to host ‘Meet the Author’ event for Charlotte Powell of ‘The Harbour Gulls’
A ‘Meet the Author’ event is going to be held Rayleigh Library for Charlotte Powell of ‘The Harbour Gulls’. The author will be there at the event for a brief introduction and promotion of her book. The book’s story is about a young seagull, Hedley, who lives with his parents and is dependent on them for food. He can’t find his own nourishment and is afraid of the sea. He doesn’t know how to fly and fish. His parents have taught him to live off the food provided by the tourists. His life changes when he meets an Australian seagull who teaches him the art of flying and fishing. Hedley finds his courage in his wings. He feels like his life is all new and he loves it. The author, Charlotte Powell is affiliated with NHS as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner. She likes to write as it is her favorite hobby and she hopes to continue storytelling in the future.
06, Oct 2018 - 01, Jan 1970
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