Renowned Author Gillian Wells will be meeting her fans at Canungra Books and Art
On Sunday, 28th April, Canungra Books and Art is hosting a Meet the Author event for Gillian Wells, the author of three brilliant books Travelling, Possession and Belonging. The author’s main focus will be on her latest book Travelling. The author will also have her previous two books with her, so don’t miss the chance to get your copies signed by her. Travelling is a book about a girl named Sam who is in her mid-20s and loves horses. She has a dark past from which she wants to escape and take a breath of fresh air so she decides to travel to Australia. She was finally happy after meeting a man Sam, who had the same mental problems as hers and their understanding develops until she catches up with Sam’s past and then again life is worse than it ever was. Possession is a book about a girl Anna who never had an easy life from the very beginning neither a good association with her mother. When she finally takes hold of her life and becomes a successful businesswoman, she meets an equally successful businessman who traps her and makes her life miserable than before. Will she ever be happy and content in her life? Belonging is a book about a young woman's search for happiness and healing on a difficult journey of life. She finds out that her best friend got killed in a terrible accident and this affects her life badly. Now finally when she thinks everything is falling into place, she faces other difficulties and there she finds her inner potentials which she thought she didn’t have. Gillian Wells is the author of three brilliant books Travelling, Possession and Belonging. She is a woman living with her husband and a cattle dog in Australia. Gillian has beautifully described the Australian towns and countryside featured in the book. Her interest lies in gardening, cooking, horse-riding and singing. She loves spending time with her three children and four grandchildren.
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