Reverend Father Alan Cox Will Talk About His Book at Royal Asiatic Society
Reverend Father Alan Cox will talk about his latest publication, The Life of a Psychic Broadcaster, on 2nd October 2021. The talk will be held from 10 am to 5:30 pm at the Royal Asiatic Society, 14 Stephenson Way Euston London NW1 2HD.   The Life of a Psychic Broadcaster is based on the experiences of the author while he was a radio broadcaster. This is the journey of the author from the ignorant life towards an inspiring life. He served in England and developed a strong bond with God. He inspired people to change their lives and turn their path towards spirituality. Click here to get your hands on this autobiography.   Reverend Father Alan Cox is a spiritual healer who inspires people in healing and tracking their lives. He is doing multiple jobs; theatre production, hosting, and radio broadcasting are among them. He is also a psychic investigator.
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