Roy Lancaster at Hesters Way Library in Cheltenham
Join Roy Lancaster, author of 'Parrot Takes Command', at Hesters Way Library on Saturday 2nd September.  Roy will be conducting a reading of his book as well as taking part in a Q&A session. There are also plans to have a arts and crafts session prior too or after the event. Further details of this will follow. Roy will also be at Hatherly Library on September 4th for a similar event if you cannot attend this one,   ‘Parrot was very angry indeed. He was also very wet. Although he had heard the cry to abandon ship, and had even seen the sailors jumping into the lifeboat, before he could jump in too, the huge, towering wave swept him spluttering and squawking over the side.' After this dramatic start, Parrot, a bird who has forgotten how to fly having spent most of his life on perches or human shoulders, has to learn how to survive in a wide open and at times dangerous sea. But he is not alone, a handful of other animals share his shipwrecked fate and place their trust in him to see them through. 'Parrot Takes Command' is a delightful book full of adult relationship themes covered at a child's level. It is funny, a little dangerous and is beautifully illustrated.
02, Sep 2017 - 01, Jan 1970
2 Weldon Way, Merstham, Redhill RH1 3QB