Rush to Linton! Get a Signed Copy of Jemima Price’s Romantic Novel, Finding Ruby
Our notable author Jemima Price will hold an event for signing her novel, Finding Ruby, on the 4th of September from 6:00 PM onwards at Home, a bookstore located on High Street in Linton. The COVID-19 restrictions—limited number of customers at a time—will remain in place. The bookstore will be offering a free glass of locally-sourced prosecco as well.   Finding Ruby is a romance novel featuring Ruby Jones, a girl who’s transformed by love. Ruby is the kind of girl who would rather have a designer handbag than a backpack. But backpacking is what Ruby finds herself doing when her boyfriend offers her a trip round-the-world on her birthday. They travel to the far corners of the world, madly in love with each other. However, this ecstatic ride doesn’t last long. Ruby is now alone in a Southeast Asian country and alone she wants to continue her journey. What went wrong? Would she be able to continue her journey and make it to the end? Will her experiences give birth to a new Ruby? To unfold what happens to Ruby, grab your copy here or rush to Linton and get an author-signed copy.   Jemima Price is an ardent traveller and writer. She has travelled extensively and combines this with her love of writing to create unique and moving stories. She is a working mother and teaches at Cambridge.
04, Sep 2020
Barnes & Noble Temecula, 40570 Winchester Road, Temecula, CA 92591, United States