Sam Galliford Will Be Attending a Book Signing Event in Guisborough
Sam Galliford, the author of the astounding book, Skyfire, will be attending his book signing event at The Guisborough Bookshop, Guisborough on 7th March 2020 between 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Show up at the event to get a chance of meeting the author and have a conversation with him. Skyfire is a contemporary read that revolves around an old woman who dreams that a zeppelin is shot down on her childhood village. The old woman’s grandnephew apprises her of his young female friend who was killed after her rape. The old woman talks to different people, however, all she concludes is that her grandnephew is in danger. The author of this book, Sam Galliford, himself is a scientist and has published hundreds of research papers and has given presentations in conferences about chemical pathology and biochemistry. Skyfire, however, is his first novel. 
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