Sarah Priest will be signing the copies of her Book ‘Love, Life And Death In A Teacup’
Noah's Health shop is hosting a book signing event where poetess Sarah Priest will be signing the copies of her book ‘Love, Life and Death in A Teacup’. Plan your weekend to fit in attending this event on Saturday afternoon so you don’t miss your chance of getting the signed copy. ‘Love, Life and Death in A Teacup’ is a beautiful poetic composition about the simple joys of life, the love that lightens the heart and brightens the eyes, and the grief of losing love. Sarah has shared very human experiences of life through her book and has opened up about her personal life letting readers peek into her own experiences of life. Sarah Priest is passionate about gardening, nature, sci-fi films and tea. Her preferred medium of expression is poetic verses and her passions have greatly influenced her poetry. She is a resident of Surrey and believes that there is more to life than pensions.
09, Feb 2019 - 01, Jan 1970
Fulford Village Hall, Staffordshire