Sarina Wheatman’s ‘Twisted Wires’ to go to UK Southern Book Show
The author of ‘Twisted Wires’, Sarina Wheatman, will attend the UK Southern Book Show for the promotion of her book. The event will be attended by a great many people from the writing and publishing industry. This is an amazing book, based on the vague world of addiction. According to the book, addiction is hidden in each individual’s thinking and behavioral attitude. The premature attitude of the people towards the problem creates even more issues for addicts. Everyone must be aware of the statistics and diseases that exist in this world and that can have devastating effects on people’s lives. Many consider addicts to be the menace to the society. They are shunned, despised and misunderstood. The author dives deep into the world and tries to help people to understand how addicts feel. Sarina Wheatman is a therapist and lives in the South of England. Her other interests include geology. She thinks that helping someone recover through complexities of addiction is worth the effort.
28, Oct 2018 - 01, Jan 1970
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