Sarina Wheatman, the Author of Twisted Wires Will Be Attending Brighton Book Fayre
Author and qualified therapist Sarina Wheatman, the author of Twisted Wires, is invited to attend the Brighton Book Fayre. She will be attending the event and hopefully interacting with other authors and reading community to create awareness about addiction which is also the subject of her book. Twisted Wires is an educational book aimed at creating awareness towards twisted perceptions about addiction and even more twisted behaviours towards it, which hinder the addicts from reaching out for help. The book offers a change in the mindset of society towards addiction and treatment addicts receive. A little shift in perspective can help the cause a lot. Sarina Wheatman lives in the South of England and is keen about geology and discovering gems, at the exotic locations around the world.  She is a fully qualified therapist who has invested 28 years f her lie helping addicts.
08, Jun 2019 - 01, Jan 1970
WHSmith Merseyway Stockport