Sea Point Library to Host Book Talk for ‘For Better Only’
The Sea Point Library at Cape Town, South Africa will host a Book Talk in honor of Jean-Pierre Murray Kline’s book, ‘For Better Only’. The author is going to discuss his book at the event and will talk about the inspiration behind writing the book. The book’s story is about a relationship where Julien is left heartbroken due to the parting of his partner whom he has known for the past 26 years. He recalls his memories with his partner comparing the pain experienced through the ending of their marriage. He described that how he developed his business from the scratch and his husband was the motivation behind all his progress. He thinks that the drift started to get bigger when he went to Johannesburg for his business expansion and it leads to the parting of his relationship with his husband. The author, Jeanne Pierre was born to a South African family and he currently resides in South Africa. He is a successful business owner and has expertise in various other divisions within his company.
30, Oct 2018 - 01, Jan 1970
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