Secret Murder or a ‘Murder Secret’, Find out at the Redcliffe Library
Radcliffe Library is hosting a Book talk by one of the best-selling authors of mystery, thriller and much more. C. T. Mitchell would be discussing his book named ‘Murder Secret’. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to learn more about this great work of art. What does a detective do when they have to catch a killer at large with no clues, lack of budget, and team members who don’t have proper experience in the field? Although, the killing has been happening for a decade and The people in towns are horrified as five murders have taken place in the previous five months. All the victims and killing styles are similar expect for the most recent one. Jo Boston-Wright joins Jack Creed and his team, to find clues, with the media wanting answers. If Jo is right, she will land her place in the team, if not she would destroy her credibility and Jack’s Career. C. T. Mitchell is a best-selling author, in the genre of Mystery. He has received many awards for his work, especially on Amazon. Mitchell has been writing short story novels, the time period he has spent on writing, it did not take long before he became a writing sensation. With his work being featured in the Amazon’s Hot New Releases. He manages his time in the seaside areas of Australia.  
17, Nov 2018
Leicester Central Library