Sedgefield Parish Hall Invited Mike O’Neill to Present His Book The Resurrection
Mike O’Neill will be presenting his book The Resurrection and attending the Q&A session organised by Sedgefield Parish Hall on 2nd August 2019. It is a great chance for his fans and book readers to ask him questions about the book and his life experiences. Having an educational background in Science and Engineering, the author knows many scientists and Nobel Laureates. He will be sharing his knowledge of working with them and what drives him to write about science fiction. 

The Resurrection is about a surprise revelation about DNA which hits the very well-known Scientist and Nobel Laureate Sir Francis Macleod when he collapses. The unforeseen unusual series of events make him believe that the world is on the verge of witnessing the collision between science and religion that is going to stimulate the investigation of an international murder scandal. The book offers to unfold the wrong and corrupt practices of the Catholic Church and exposes the dark side of the medicine world. Also, it intends to answer the most intense questions arising from the people. 

 Living in England and Florida Mike O’Neill has had served on the many top-notch positions with very renowned companies of the world. He is the ex Executive Vice President of Fortune 500 company in the Health and Sciences department. During his career, he acted as the director to develop the instrumentation in the field of DNA and protein research. For ten years Mike was serving on the Dean’s Advisory Board at College of Medicine at University of California, Irvine. He was appointed as Business Advisory Board for seven years by the Susan Samueli Institute of Integrative Medicine. He served on Board of Directors of Newport Corporation for eleven years and six years as a member of American College of Corporate Director. He is also the primary member of the Prestigious Innovation Society at Oxford University. 

02, Aug 2019
Bangert Elementary School - New Bern - North Carolina – USA