Sheri Kunkle, Mary Lynne Lorch and Ruth Carosone to Host a Book Signing Event
Mark your calendars for 6th November 2021, as the authors of Bundles are ready to host a book signing event at the Berry Vine Gifts, 183 Bradford Road, Bradford Woods, PA 15015, USA. The event will start at 11 AM EDT and end at 1 PM. The authors will be there to talk about their book as well as give their signed copies. Don't miss out on this chance to miss our talented authors. Bundles is an autobiography about survival. It revolves around three strong-willed women from very different backgrounds. All three must face the reality that will shatter their ongoing life. Their lives and stories intertwine from time to time. Grab your copy to see how they find the strength to move forward. Bundles is a debut book of three close friends Sheri Kunkle, Mary Lynne Lorch and Ruth Carosone.       Sheri Kunkle is a professional artist and designer. Her passion for taking care of the elderly brings her joy. Mary Lynne Lorch is a retired Instructor of Mobility and Orientation for blind children. She finds pleasure in being able to help people. Ruth Carosone is a Professional man Resource person in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Area. She loves to help people advance in their careers.
06, Nov 2021 - 01, Jan 1970
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