Shraddha Patel Will Be Attending the Book Reading Event at Barnes & Noble
Barnes & Noble is proud to host the book reading event for multiple authors on Saturday 17th August 2019, where the talented author Shraddha Patel will reading out her books Forbidden and Alaysia. All the book lovers are cordially invited to attend the event. Forbidden is a poetic book with a touch of wittiness and humour that will surely lighten your mood. The resonating versus incorporated with love, philosophy and places make this book a must-read. Alaysia an intriguing story about how in the great nexus of the web through which several worlds are connected. Among it lies Alaysia, which can be accessed through portals. Kriya, Graham and Ivo learn about it and decides to reach there. On their arrival, it is revealed on them that they all are part of a great prophecy involving Alaysia, a land that is ruled by Liam and a Planet called Epsilon. Get along with Kriya, Graham and Ivo on the journey to Alaysia, in this mystic novel. The substantial author Shraddha Patel has served many years in the financial and government sector. Currently, enrolled in the Executive MBA Program at New York University, she already holds a BA and MPA degrees.
17, Aug 2019 - 01, Jan 1970
Barnes and Noble, First Colony Mall, Sugar Land, Houston, TX