Simon Adepetun Is Invited to a Primary School to Read His Book ‘The Bee Hive’
St. John Fisher Primary School will be hosting an event where Simon Adepetun will read for students from his book and talk to them, hopefully inspiring them to read more. Simon is excited to meet the young creative minds of the students. ‘The Bee Hive’ is a fun adventure book for children that will make them giggle and shriek with excitement. An eleven-year-old boy Daniel and his new friend Benji are excited to discover a large beehive that can become a den but trouble begins when two strange men show up and the bank gets involved. Simon Adepetun is a husband and a loving father of three young children. He enjoys spending time with his family and works as a fulltime Sales Manager. He has a degree in English Studies and a Postgraduate certificate in Theatre Studies.
11, Mar 2019
Under1roof The I O Centre, 9 Skeffington Street, London, SE18 6SR