Simon Adepetun to visit Meadowside Primary School Warrington
The international children’s author Simon Adepetun is scheduled to visit Meadowside Primary School Warrington. His visit will include a short reading from his book ‘The Bee Hive’ for the pupils. A father of three, Simon is an accomplished storyteller. His background in English studies and Theatre Studies has helped him create characters that are very entertaining for children. The plot of the book involves 11-year-old Jeremiah Chambers, who is dealing with some problems with his family. His parents don’t listen to him whenever he is saying something important. He believes his sister is an alien who only wants to play with dolls. He does have a friend named Benji, who is not as bad as his family. They discover a map, which leads to a world of trouble for both of them. Some men show up that want something that is theirs and for Dan, the problems just keep on coming.
26, Feb 2018
Northwich Library, CW9 5DR