Simon Adepetun to visit St. Ambrose Primary School
The author of ‘The Bee Hive’ will visit St. Ambrose Primary School, Manchester in early March. The pupils will be able to listen to Simon Adepetun read from his book. The author has a rich educational background. A degree English studies and a certificate in Theatre Studies have helped him create brilliant characters that are beloved by children everywhere. Readers meet Daniel Jeremiah Chambers, who has some family problems to deal with. His parents are very busy and never have time to listen to him. His sister is obsessed with her dolls and pays no attention to him. Distraction for Dan comes in the form of a bee hive that his friend Benji discovers. The two friends also find a map, which leads them towards problems that they don’t know how to deal with. He has to keep all the problems away, will he find a way?
06, Mar 2018
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