Simon Adepetun is Visiting Great Sankey High School in Warrington
Local author Simon Adepetun is visiting the lucky pupils of Great Sankey High School, as he reads to them from his undeniably incredible book 'The Bee Hive'., the story of two children who are out to find some treasure. Find out what all the buzz is about this story and indulge yourself in the story taht will hvae children and parents alike loving each and every page. Eleven-year-old Daniel Jeremiah Chambers has parents Philip and Susan who love work and shopping and who just don't listen. Daniel is an only child ... no, he's lying ... he has a sister, Alice, who has a dolly fixation; Dan is sure she is an alien. So, Dan has a few problems, none insurmountable, until his friend, Benji, introduces him to the find of the century - a derelict bee hive which could become a den. Of course, such a simple thing is never so simple and when Dan finds a map well, all kinds of things just go horribly wrong. For example - Alice noses her nosey way in and two strange men suddenly turn up wanting what's theirs - and then there's the bank, too. The Beehive by Simon Adepetun is a tight little sharp-witted bumble through a short period in Dan's young life. ‘What's a bumble?' - ‘Shut up, Alice!'
10, May 2017
Newmarket Library, 1a The Guineas, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 8EQ