Sinead Flynn will be getting interviewed by Midwest FM
Sinead will be giving an interview to Angelina Nugent in which she’ll be talking about her book, so don’t miss it out and tune into Midwest FM’s website link Sinead Flynn is from the West of Ireland, she started writing her first novel "Superwoman" in 2014. Having been an avid reader all her life, it was always an ambition of hers to write a book herself. Sinead enjoys reading, Eastenders and Twitter. Her book’s main character Louise is the average woman with an average life, some might even say better than average. So when her world turns upside down after the worst morning of her life, why can't she just move past it and get on with things? Was she really happy or was "that morning" merely the start of something new? Live link for Midwest FM: Do remember to tune in on the exact date and time of the interview, as mentioned in the event as it's a live website link.
13, Oct 2017
City Library Museum and Winter Gardens Burdon Road SR1 1PP