Stan Vines Has Been Invited by the Poulton Library for a Talk About His Book A Sense of No Direction

Poulton library is honoured to invite Mr Stan Vines to talk about his book A Sense of No Direction. All the book readers have a wonderful chance to hear from the author himself. He will be sharing some handy tips about how to start your career as a book writer. Stan Vines will be sharing the extracts from his book with the audience. He will be talking about the life events, experiences and memories that made him comprehend and appreciate the variances that exist in different cultures. Refreshments will be served to the attendees and local businesses will be offering some delicious food.

 The book A Sense of No Direction is about an amusing journey of two friends Stan and Chris, who abandoned their settled lives in the UK and leave for Australia, where the get struck by the cultural shock. At the starting of the book, both the friends meet some setbacks that shake their friendship but both decide to stay side by side of each other. The story hilariously describes the adaptation of Australian Culture by Stan and Chris and how people of Australia accepted them. While accepting and understating new culture, both realise the importance of their own cultural, sentiments and norms. Their explorations changed the way they used to look at the world.

 Stan Vines had recently returned to his home town London after spending and serving for 20 years in shipping in Greece, Middle East and Africa. He has worked in Marketing, Publicity, Manufacturing and Property Development as well. His travels motivated him to write books.

21, Jun 2019
Brighton Book Fayre - Brighton Unitarian Church - New Road, BN1 1UF