Steven G. Mathews’ Ducks will be at the Exeter Library
Steven G. Mathews, the author of ‘The Duck Trail’ will visit Exeter Library for Duck Trail Story Time and read from his book for everyone. The delightful children’s story is about Drake the duck. He is a curious little duck who is always going off on adventures. One day he goes off and loses his way. He does have a good sense of direction but it may not be enough to save him. It seems, his only hope is that all of his friends and family get on his trail and come searching for him. Steven finds poetry, literature, and writing to be relaxing. The biggest inspiration for his writing is the imagination of his kids. He is also currently working on getting a procurement qualification but he hopes to keep on writing stories that inspire his kids and others as well.
14, Apr 2018
Polish Social Club, Northwich, CW9 8AT