Sue Ellis to visit Huntington Primary school for Book Promotion
Author of the book, ‘Proud Patrick Peacock and Other Stories’, Sue Ellis will visit Huntington Primary school in York for the promotion of her book promotion. This is a Children’s book which narrates six different stories. The author presents a ‘bird-eye view’ of the stories. Each of the story is set at author’s favorite locations in Great Britain. These places include Arran, Coniston, Liverpool, York, Sheffield and London. She likes to help children through her stories and inspires them to overcome their life difficulties and to become the best version of themselves. She wants the children to make them self-dependable so that they make the right choices in their lives just as the characters do in the book. This is a lovely read for the kids and parents, grandparents and teachers will love sharing them too. The author, Sue Ellis has been working in the field of education for the past 30 years. She has a wide range of experience in dealing with kids’ problems and bringing the best in them.
16, Oct 2018
St Paul’s Covent Garden Bedford St WC2E8 London