Susan R. E. Wall Will Appear at Express FM Portsmouth in DJ Ian James Show
Our author, Susan R. E. Wall, will appear at Express FM Portsmouth Radio for an interview with DJ Ian James. The show will be broadcasted on Tuesday, 31st August 2021 in the afternoon. The talk will centre around Susan’s book, True Love Conquers All. This talk will be just as amazing as Susan is. You must stay tuned on Tuesday afternoon to hear Susan speak about not just her incredible book but a lot of other things.   True Love Conquers All is a work of historical fiction. The author caught inspiration for this book from the letters that were exchanged between her parents. The setting is of the year 1953 and the protagonist is a British army man posted in Germany. He falls in love with a German secretary and the love story sees itself caught in post-war complications. Wonderfully written, this book brings back the times long gone by.   Susan R. E. Wall lives in Portsmouth, England with her husband and daughter. Her husband is not just her life partner but also her soulmate. This energy pushes her to engage more passionately in romance; be it her everyday life or a piece of writing.  
31, Aug 2021
UCB 2 Radio